The financial services market has become tougher and more competitive, but this again offers an opportunity for innovative and creative techniques in winning, managing and retaining a good market share. To achieve this, efforts of marketing staff must translate to profitable sales. Customers define themselves through the brands or vendors they choose, therefore, it is necessary for marketing personnel to be emotional in their marketing drives in order to get clients interested in the services provided and the institution providing it.

Without people taking decisions to buy your offerings, you cannot grow that market share which ensures profitability. The challenge therefore is how do you convince prospects to buy from you?

This marketing programme is aimed at using the salient issues in marketing to help organizations increase its profitability by ensuring that its people create a distinct image/brand that customers can readily connect with and appreciate, thereby making them customers for life. Attending this programme would assist marketing staff balance product and service information with emotional customer connection and to be able to close necessary sales successfully.

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