Good treasury management is essential to business efficiency; treasurers are responsible for the management of large funds that must be managed effectively to generate the kind of returns that the stakeholders are expecting in the face of liquidity crunch and stiff competition. To achieve these, those involved in treasury management may need to borrow in the money market, raise funds through long-term debt instruments or trade in foreign exchange. 

Risk management is a key element in successful treasury management, as part of the risk management process; Treasurers have to manage exposure to currency and interest rate fluctuations.


The challenge of managing the treasury function becomes tougher in the face of controlled interest rate regime. The major challenge is how do you fund at a lower cost so that you can ensure a margin that could remain profitable? It is therefore in response to the challenges of treasury management in a stifling financial environment that the Financial Markets Dealers Association has designed this course to position treasury/finance staff of organizations for the process of managing funds, ensuring liquidity and profitability as well as mitigating risks in carrying out their treasury/finance functions.

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